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Your book could change someone's life.
Why haven't you written it yet? 


"The best part of the collaborative relationship was the feeling that I was talking to a friend. Fallon gave me critical feedback and was always available for me to bounce ideas or thoughts off of. Her expertise and encouragement were instrumental in producing a fully proofread and print-ready product."

Catherine Tiffner, author

I'm Fallon Clark, the book friend who helps you organize your thoughts and write your story in your words and your voice.

Goodbye, blank page. Hello, book.

You're a storyteller at heart, but writing feels like a never-ending labyrinth. Endless revisions, creeping self-doubt, and that mischievous inner voice are holding you back from finishing your work. 


It's time to break free from that cycle of frustration and finally bring your vision and legacy to life.

Through our collaboration, you'll gain:

  • Crystal-clear vision of your story's essence, ensuring every word aligns with your unique voice and resonates with your target readers.

  • Proven writing strategies and techniques to hook readers from the first line and keep them eagerly turning pages until the very end.

  • Unwavering accountability to ditch half-finished drafts or abandoned projects. I'll be your dedicated writing partner, providing the support you need to stay on track and get shit done.

  • Artful editing prowess: With my keen editorial eye, we'll polish your narrative, eliminating any distractions that could diminish the impact of your storytelling magic.


Your path to authorship awaits. Are you ready to become an author and leave a lasting legacy? Let's embark on this  adventure together and turn your writing dreams into a tangible, shelf-worthy reality.

Embrace the writer's life you've always craved. Let's get started!

You don't have to write alone.
How can I help you?

One-on-One Guidance

Spinning your writerly wheels no matter how much time you set aside to write?

Need directions to get from start to finish?

Seeking guidance, personalized feedback, and support while you write?

Revision Assistance

Finished your book draft but not sure what to do next? 

Have a collection of notes from early readers and feeling overwhelmed?

Ever wish for a personalized craft book for revisions tailored to your story?

Spare Pair o' Hands

Have a messy draft or audio transcripts that need to be wrangled into a proper book?

Need an organizational eye for content and detail?

Wishing for an extra set of hands to help you write? 

Sunlight through the trees taken at a Vermont State Park

Chapters that had been gathering dust were completed within days after Fallon’s manuscript evaluation and our follow-up phone call. For someone who writes fiction and fantasy, it was fantastic to find someone I connected with who read in my genre.

Lisa Rogers, author and ghostwriter

Good hands

I've more than a decade of experience in literature, project management, leadership coaching, and executive ghostwriting.

I'm also a member of ClubEd Freelancers and hold myself to high professional standards, so you can be sure I'll handle your book with care and attention. 

Your sounding board

Our time together doesn't have to be stressful. After all, I'm not here to judge your work. I'm here to guide you through completing your work your way.

Whether this is your first book or you're a seasoned author, my job is to help you make your story the best it can be.

My promise to you

No professional is right for every author, so if I don't feel I can bring value to your work, I'll refer you to one of my trusted colleagues.

And if we do work together, we'll both be certain we've found a great match, which sets the tone for a positive working relationship. (And who doesn't need a little extra positivity these days?)


Fallon’s developmental feedback is insightful, specific, and thought-provoking. I especially love how well she throws herself into the world of the stories she’s working on. If you write science fiction, fantasy, or anything speculative, you already know how important (and incredibly rare) this is for an editor to do.

Beth Jordan, copywriter and author

Recent Work

Stories from Charleston Street, a memoir

by Bob Skaleski

Kirkus Reviews: "A set of remembrances that are often as engaging as they are heartfelt."

Kirkus says: Get it!

What readers are saying:

  • "Fantastic and nostalgic, reminiscent of Jean Shepherd's book, A Christmas Story."

  • "The author is a natural storyteller . . . well written and fun to read."

Stories from Charleston Street, a memoir by Bob Skaleski

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