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Your book could change someone's life.
Why haven't you written it yet?

Let me do for you what I've done for these authors.

21 books published
500k+ words written
1.6M words revised 

Hi, I'm Fallon! *waves*

It's a damn shame that most books, a staggering 99.94%, remain unpublished.

​I love a good book and believe that writing is a skill anyone can develop with a little practice and the right person on your side. At the end of the day, I crave an emotional connection to the books I read, and I want your book to create an emotional connection for your readers, too. But readers can't connect with your book if you never write it, and you'll never write your book if you don't sit down and do the work.


I'm a dreamer at heart, and I know it's possible to achieve your goals.

My heart speaks in books. That's why I left a cushy corporate job and went on a mission to deliver reader-focused and author-kind feedback and advice to get you to a well-developed story or narrative that speaks about the challenges and triumphs of figuring out and following one's dreams or urges readers to consider the big questions in life. ​

I work with aspiring authors of:

  • memoir

  • self-help

  • creative non-fiction

  • literary and genre fiction


No raining on parades over here.  

I'm in your corner to cheer you on and keep you focused and motivated. Writing and revising are hard enough, and I'm a firm believer that our working relationship should be as easy as possible. Sure, you're going to have to put in the work if you want to get the value you need. But I'll help keep you on track and celebrate your milestones.

Bring in the sunshine and rainbows.

I'm a multifaceted person with a zest for life and make positive changes in the lives of those I touch. When I’m not editing, reading, or writing, you can find me with messy hair and dirt on my face while battling dastardly grasshoppers in my organic garden, baking with my family, or staring into the universe’s star-crusted abyss to wonder, “What if?”

Fallon Clark is a book editor, coach, and writer. She wears gray and smiles, coffee mug in hand.
Black and white picture of the sun shining through the trees
Top Coach seal showing Fallon Clark has been recognized as a Top Coach from the Coach Foundation

As a Writing Coach coach, I've earned a spot on the Coach Foundation, one of the biggest names in the coaching industry. How cool is that?

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