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Your book could change someone's life.

Why haven't you written it yet?

Revision Assistance

Custom guidance, personalized feedback, and author-kind support for your revision.

Are You Trapped in the Revision Labyrinth?

You have a complete manuscript, a monumental achievement in itself. But something's amiss—a nagging feeling that your draft isn't quite ready for the world to devour. You know editing is essential, but where do you even start? The path forward is shrouded in uncertainty, leaving you stuck in a seemingly endless cycle of tinkering and second-guessing.

Sound familiar? You're not alone. Even the most seasoned writers can find themselves lost in the editing maze, grappling with:

  • The Paralysis of Perfection: You've poured your heart and soul into your book, but that relentless inner critic keeps whispering, "Is it really good enough?" Imposter syndrome strikes again, planting seeds of self-doubt that threaten to derail your progress.

  • The Overwhelm of Over-Preparation: You've consumed every craft book, attended every workshop, and still feel like a novice fumbling in the dark. With so much well-intentioned advice, it's easy to feel like you're drowning in a sea of conflicting edits.

  • The Struggle for Consistency: You're a pro at helping others with their words, but when it comes to your own writing, revision discipline seems to evaporate. Despite your best-laid plans, staying committed to the editing process remains an elusive challenge.


But what if you had a seasoned guide to light your way through the editing labyrinth? An ally armed with the strategies, insights, and unwavering support you need to polish your manuscript?

Introducing your secret weapon for transformative editing success:

  • A Custom-Tailored Roadmap: No more aimless wandering. We'll create a comprehensive, easy-to-follow plan that eliminates confusion and ensures you never have to wonder, "What's next?"

  • In-depth Feedback: Through meticulous content and language analysis, we'll pinpoint your strengths and opportunities, helping you hone your unique voice with precision.

  • Collaborative Brainstorming: You'll never have to face the inevitable hurdles alone. Together, we'll problem-solve every bump in the road, crafting innovative solutions that keep your story on track.

  • Unshakable Confidence: Say goodbye to imposter syndrome forever. With my guidance, you'll cultivate the self-assurance and inspiration to lean into your authentic storytelling style with panache.

  • A Polished Masterpiece: At the end of our journey, you'll hold a revised draft—tangible proof that you have the talent, tenacity, and keen editorial eye to create a book worthy of readers' shelves.


The path to an exceptional story is arduous, but you don't have to walk it alone. Enlist a collaborative partner who'll equip you with the tools, techniques, and relentless encouragement you need to conquer revisions and feel good and feel good about your writing.


Aren't you ready to emerge from the labyrinth with a gem in hand?


I am very satisfied, very impressed, with her editing. She is skillful and intelligent and has captured my spirit and feeling in the edited version. I want to compliment her on her thorough approach. I feel grateful.

Bob Skaleski, writer and memoirist

Your Investment

$9,750 up to 80,000 words

Billed as a project rate

Full read-through of your manuscript after an initial discovery call so I know your goals and vision 

A detailed and personalized craft booklet tailored to your content, language, and style that:

  • describes the strengths of your book and highlights areas to improve;

  • asks reader-focused questions to help you conceptualize the key revisions suggested;

  • provides a step-by-step roadmap of revisions to elevate your book and your writing.

A one-hour video chat after I deliver the report to discuss my feedback, answer your questions, and plan your next steps

A recording of our video chat you can keep for future reference


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